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a Kempis- The Imitation of Christ a Kempis, Thomas. The Imitation of Christ. Next to the Bible, the most widely read spiritual work of all time. Edited with an introduction by Harold C. Gardiner, S.J. New York and others, Doubleday, 1989. 13.9cm x 20.7cm. 236 pages. Original illustrated softcover (paperback). Very good + condition with only minor signs of wear.

Only the Bible has been more influential as a source of Christian devotional reading than The Imitation of Christ. This meditation on the spiritual life has inspired readers from Thomas More and St. Ignatius Loyola to Thomas Merton and Pope John Paul II. Written by the Augustinian monk Thomas à Kempis between 1420 and 1427, it contains clear instructions for renouncing wordly vanities and locating eternal truths. No book has more explicitly and movingly described the Christian ideal: "My son, to the degree that you can leave yourself behind, to that degree will you be able to enter into Me." With a new Foreword by Carl Anderson, the Supreme Knight and chief executive officer of the Knights of Columbus.

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A Religious of Jesus and Mary. Life and Work of Mother Mary St. Ignatius, Claudi A Religious of Jesus and Mary. Life and Work of Mother Mary St. Ignatius, Claudine Thévent 1774-1837, Foundress of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. London, The Catholic Book Club, 1955. 14 x 22cm. 346 pages. Original hardcover. Minor signs of shelf wear, otherwise very good condition.

The Religious of Jesus and Mary form a Roman Catholic religious congregation of women dedicated to the education and service of the poor. It was founded at Lyon, France, in October 1818, by Claudine Thévenet, Mother Mary of St. Ignatius (1774-1837). She was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1993 and her feast day is February 3.

This account of Claudine Thévenet's life and legacy is divided into three parts. Part One, 'Preparation of the Soil', tells of Thévenet's childhood, her family's experiences during the French Revolution, her education and her early charitable work. Part Two, 'Sowing the Divine Seed', describes the rest of Thévenet's life, outlines how she formed the congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and examines the order's development during her lifetime. Part Three, 'The Golden Harvest', is an account of the growth of the congregation following Thévenet's death in 1837. It covers the various branches formed throughout the world between 1837 and 1949, in countries including Canada, India, the USA, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Ireland and Germany.

Keywords: Biography, Catholicism, Mission, Missionaries, Nuns, Religion, Saints

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Marden, A Short History of the 6th Division: August 1914 - March 1919. A Short History of the 6th Division: August 1914 - March 1919. First published in 1920. Uckfield, The Naval & Military Press, 2003. 14 cm x 21,5 cm. 120 pages. With a full colour map. Original Softcover. Excellent, close to new condition. Reprint of original 1920 publication.

The record of a cavalry brigade which served on the Western front for four years and took part in many actions. No roll of honour but officer casualties named in the text, no list of awards, no index.The 6th Cavalry Brigade (6 Cav Bde) began to form in England on 19 September 1914, part of the new 3rd Cavalry Division. The first two regiments to join were the 1st R Dragoons (1D) and 10th R Hussars (10H), both from S Africa where they were stationed when war broke out, and they constituted the brigade when it embarked for France during the first week in October 1914. The following month they were joined by 3rd Dragoon Guards (3DG) and ten days later by the North Somerset Yeomanry (N Som Yeo). After about a week 10H were transferred to 8th Cavalry Brigade in the same division, and from then for over three years 3DG, 1D and N Som Yeo constituted 6 Cav Bde. In March 1918, shortly before the German offensive N Som Yeo were withdrawn and converted to a MG role; they were replaced by 10H. The brigade saw a great deal of fighting both mounted and dismounted - First and Second Ypres, Loos, Arras, Epehy, the March offensive in which heavy casualties resulted in the N Som Yeo being returned to the brigade, back in the mounted role, as reinforcements. The regiment was broken up and personnel distributed among the other regiments in the brigade which took part in the the advance to victory, the Hindenburg Line fighting and the final advance. In his introduction the author states that the book is a simple, unvarnished narrative of the chief events in the history of the brigade, a record that does not include personal anecdotes such as may be seen in regimental histories. Although there is no Roll of Honour nor list of awards, the narrative has plenty of references to casualties (officers named), postings in and out, apointments to the staff and changes in command but no mention of awards or decorations other than the one VC, a posthumous award to 2Lt J.S Dunville,1D, for which the citation is given in full. The five photos are portraits of the five brigade commanders; the maps are very clear and informative. (Publisher).

Keywords: 6th Division, Irish Military History, World War I

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  A. Jorgenson, Dale The Life and legacy Of Franz Xaver Hauser. A Forgotten Leader In the nineteenth-century bach Movement. Carbondale and Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University Press, 1996. 15 x 10 cm. 297 Pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following chapters: The Young Artist, From Stage to Classroom. The Bach Movement 1, 11. The Joys and Conflicts of Music Administartion. The legacy, The Hauser Archive. Karl Anton, Sofie Hauser and the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg.

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Aalen, Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape. Aalen, F.H.A. / Whelan, Kevin / Stout, Matthew. [Eds]. Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape. First edition. Cork, Cork University Press, 1997. 24.5 x 30.5cm. 352 pages. Original hardcover with dustjacket in protective Mylar. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

The Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape combines many different approaches to understanding the immense ecological, educational, aesthetic and economic significance of the landscape. Using state of the art computer cartography, the atlas analyses the assemblage of features, both physical and human, which gives the Irish landscape its distinctive character. It provides detailed analysis of field and settlement patterns, buildings, archaeological/historical monuments, demesnes, villages and small towns, woodlands and bogs, roads, canals, railways and industrial archaeology. Drawing on appropriate disciplines (including geography, archaeology, history and palaeobotany), the atlas shows how the intricacy, interest and beauty of the Irish landscape were generated by human activities over long periods of time, and how the landscape is presently managed. [From dustjacket notes]

Keywords: Atlas, Geography, Geology, Irish Agriculture, Irish Archaeology, Irish Landscape, Irish Map

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Aaronovitch, Whispers Under Ground. Aaronovitch, Ben. Whispers Under Ground. London, Gollancz, 2012. 14 cm x 21.5 cm. 418 pages. Original Softcover. Excellent condition, like new. Fine out of print book.

Third novel in the Rivers of London series, follows the murder investigation of an American student stabbed to death at Baker Street, with a supernatural twist. Features returning character Police Constable Peter Grant. (Source:

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Aaslestad, Historica's Women. Aaslestad, Dr. Katherine. Historica's Women. 1000 Years of Women in History. Elanora Heights, Millennium House, 2007. 25cm x 33cm. 576 pages. Original Hardcover in original slip case. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

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Abadie, Quatre Lettres sur la Transsubstantiation. Abadie, Jaques. Quatre Lettres sur la Transsubstantiation. Édition originale. Toulouse, Imprimerie de J. P. Froment, 1835. 11,5 cm x 18 cm. 172 pages. Couverture rigide bleue en demi-reliure. Bon état avec seulement des signes mineurs d'usure externe.

Jakob Abbadie (c.1654 – 25 September 1727), also known as Jacques or James Abbadie, was a French Protestant minister and writer. He became Dean of Killaloe, in Ireland.
Abbadie is best known by his religious treatises, several of which were translated from the original French into other languages and had a wide circulation throughout Europe. The most important of these are Traite de la verité de la religion chrétienne (1684); its continuation, Traité de la divinité de Jesus-Christ (1689); and L'Art de se connaitre soi-meme (1692). (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Philosophie, Religion

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The Hakluyt Society. The Travels of the Abbé Carré in India and the Near East 1672 to 1674. [Abbé Carré] The Hakluyt Society. The Travels of the Abbé Carré in India and the Near East 1672 to 1674. Volume III: Return Journey to France with an account of the Sicilian Revolt against Spanish rule at Messina. Translated from the manuscript journal of his travels in the India Office (now the Commonwealth Relations Office) by Lady Fawcett and edited by Sir Charles Fawcett with the assistance of Sir Richard Burn. Volume Three: Return to France with an account of the Sicilian revolt against Spanish rule at Messina. London, The Hakluyt Society, 1948. 22.6cm x 14.6cm. XXIII pages plus pages 677 to 984 of the overall publication. Including the Index for all three Volumes. Witha fold-out-map of the "East Coast of India from Masulipatam to Negapatam". Original Hardcover in protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. [The Hakluyt Society: Second Series, No. XCVII.]

Voyage from Madras to Bombay / Journey from Bombay to Tarapur / Journey to Daman and Surat / Journey from Aleppo to Messina / The Revolution at Messina / Journey from Messina to Marseilles, etc.

Keywords: Orient, Oriental History

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Abbe, I Photograph Russia. Abbe, James E. I Photograph Russia. With Eighty Illustrations from Photographs by the Author. First edition. London, George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1935. 24 x 16 cm. 317 pages with 75 illustrations. Original Hardcover. Good condition with signs of external wear and occasional foxing.

Includes for example the following chapters: Framing up Stalin / Between Two Worlds / Stalking Stalin / Shooting Stalin / Socialism all Built / Red Holy Day / Litvinov and Co. / Farewell to Capitalism / Datcha Life / High Life in Russia / Religion in Russia / Back-stage in Moscow / Red Aristocracy / Red War / Banquets and Famine / Red Education, Red Death, Red Funeral / Playing with Giant Toys / Arrest by the G.P.U. and the Battle of the Negatives, etc.

Keywords: Photographs, Photography, Russia, Rußland, Russland, Travel

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