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Welcome to The Time Traveller's Bookshop

We buy and sell out-of-print, secondhand and antique books mainly of scientific character. Pocket books, Incunabula, 18th-century prints and first editions with scarce dustjackets are all part of our stock.

Looking forward to your orders, requests and offers we hope to gain you as a returning customer with our professional attitude towards service and an overall customer-friendly environment.

As much as we like to sell the expensive and rare, we are offering a wide selection of affordable books of every kind and interest. We promise that browsing through our catalogues is not only a tour through the well known landscape of Literature and Art but also a journey to the unknown, unexpected and exciting fields of Philosophy, Religion, History, Science and Law.

Enjoy the ride through our catalogues and please feel free to ask for assistance at anytime.

P.S. We buy books...anywhere in the world! Your team from The Time Traveller's Bookshop